Professional Disinfection &
Home Cleaning

Happy Host maids will disinfect your home to CDC approved standards!

Our company is equipped with EPA approved hospital-grade solutions for different applications throughout your home. These solutions kill the COVID-19 coronavirus and 99.9% of other germs, microbes and bacteria within minutes of application.

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Here's what you get...

The focus of this service is to clean and disinfect surfaces rather than deep cleaning. We ask that you put away all clutter and clear all surfaces before we arrive for the best service possible.

High Touch Areas

Light Switches
Remote controls
Door Knobs
Hard Chair Backs

Entire Bathroom

Inside and outside of toilet, shower disinfecting and light cleaning, disinfect floors

Entire Kitchen

Sink, outside of appliances and cabinets, stovetop, microwave. No dishes please.


Tables, stands and countertops in every room.


Mop with disinfecting cleaner and vacuum all carpets.

+ Add More

Get the full package for just a little more. Baseboards, mirrors, dish washing, mildew scrubs... Ask for a quote.


Is it safe to bring someone into our home?

We protect you as well as ourselves.Your caretaker (our term for housekeeper) will arrive in uniform with surgical mask and new set of gloves on before ever stepping into your home. Our workers are asked each morning if they feel any signs of sickness before leaving the office. After each cleaning we are requiring each employee to disinfect their own equipment with disinfecting spray before starting the next job.

our GIFT to you

FREE cotton scent room spray

Just ask your housekeeper for our soft scent of fresh cotton sheets around your home. You'll love the feeling of calm and relaxation it brings to your freshly cleaned house.

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Ask About Vacation Rental Turnovers

We are not just a cleaning company. Happy Host is a turnover management company for vacation rentals who's primary mission is providing peace and freedom to Airbnb and VRBO hosts. Our curated host services include affordable white linen rental, on-demand amenity placement, and on-the-ground services for out of town managers. We are the perfect partner for any vacation rental host hoping to grow their business and live the life they want.

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