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Our Standards

Our team is trained to operate in a very specific way but changes can be requested.  

Caretaker will text message when on the way
Likely to arrive promptly at checkout time
Will kindly interact with guests if paths cross
Towels on bath racks first, beds second, extras in bathroom cabinet
Hand soap refills are clear
Dish soap refills are blue
Spot clean interior windows
Floors vacuumed first then mopped
Mop under the bed
Colored linens will be washed in property (may incur additional time charge)
Face masks & gloves worn in property
 Disinfect all counters and high-touch surfaces
Throw away everything in refrigerator
Blinds closed downward
Light dishwashing (heavy washing may incur a charge)
Check for spider webs every turnover

Special Tasks

Special Tasks are items that differ from property to property. Tell us what may be specific to your property or things you would like us to focus on. This can be anything but some examples include:

+ Outdoor spaces
+ Clean the grill
+ Dust ceiling fans every turnover
+ Dust baseboards every turnover
+ Full window cleaning (ie. for ocean view)
+ Wash linens in unit
+ Water the plants
+ Sweep the entryway/doormat
+ Check the propane tank gauge
+ Arrange utensils in kitchen drawers

Linen Rental

You provide the pillows and comforters, we provide the sheets, pillowcases and towels.

Select the items Happy Host provides each turnover

How would you like to handle your comforters?

TRIPLE SHEETING $4: Triple Sheeting is a hygienic system of changing a bed, resulting in a bright and fresh look that guests find professional and modern. Three sheets wrap your comforter to create the look, which can all be changed and easily laundered after each guest.

: Like a pillowcase for your comforter, you can purchase your own fun colored duvets and have us wash in property as long as there is a washing machine.

Washing linens in property adds time to under the tasks section.

Deluxe amenities

In addition to your included basic amenities, you may wish to order some of our deluxe items. Amenity items are delivered each cleaning to take the hassle out of managing inventory. No purchasing, loss by theft, or problems with storage. You will know exactly how much you are spending per reset on stock items so you can budget appropriately.

Hotel bath pack

Pantene shampoo, Pantene conditioner, Paya Moisturizer & Paya bar soap.

laundry detergent pods

Set of five pods, bagged, labeled and laid out for your guest by the waszhing machine.

Dish washer detergent pods

Set of three pods, bagged, labeled and laid out for your guest by the kichen sink.

Coffee station refill

Includes fresh coffee grounds, flavored creamers, assorted sweeteners, stir sticks, and delicious assorted teas.
*Requires purchase of coffee station for $25


Good things to know

Read full Terms of Service 
  • Host should provide at least a 5-hour cleaning window between check-out and check-in. We will complete the turnover on the same day of checkout in 90% of cases but may push to next day if there is no same day check-in.
  • We do not accept keys to your unit. Host must provide reliable entry via lockbox or secure code.
  • Most accounts take one week to be completely set up. We may not be able to provide our best service if you require your first cleaning sooner than one week's time.
  • Happy Host will automatically schedule your Airbnb cleaning for you. On Airbnb, simply add us as a co-host to your property using relay@happyhost-sd.com.
  • Any non-airbnb cleanings need to be manually requested. Scheduling requests should go to service@happyhost-sd.com.
  • We send an auto SMS text to your guest an hour after their check-in asking for cleanliness feedback. It is rare that a guest will rate us less than 5/5 stars as seen on our Google reviews. However, in the case where there are any issues with our service, we will be able to provide a fast solution to maintain a great guest experience.

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