Base Price

Cleaning is quoted with a base price, then add special tasks, linens, & amenities.
Kitchen Towel
Dish Soap
Hand Soap
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
4-Pack of Trash Liners
Inspection Report
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1 hr clean + 30 min grace period
1.5 hr clean + 30 min grace period
2 hr clean + 30 min grace period
3 hr clean + 1 hr grace period
5 hr clean + 1 hr grace period
7 hr clean + 1 hr grace period
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0 hour max
+ FREE photo inspection report
+ Includes basic amenities
+ No job cancelation penalties
+ No late checkout penalties
+ Add TASKS to any job
* Properties greater than 15 miles from our office will be charged an additional travel fee

Add Tasks

"Tasks" go above and beyond our thorough 5-star cleaning. Depending on the time it takes on average, they may or may not change your estimated turnover price.

What You Already Get

Here are some examples of standards that we abide by for your property. Changes can be made by special request.
Caretaker will text message when on the way
Likely to arrive promptly at checkout time
Will kindly interact with guests if paths cross
Towels on bath racks first, beds second, extras in bathroom cabinet
Hand soap refills are clear
Dish soap refills are blue
Spot clean interior windows
Floors vacuumed first then mopped
Mop under the bed
Colored linens will be washed in property (may incur additional time charge)
Face masks & gloves worn in property
 Disinfect all counters and high-touch surfaces
Blinds closed downward
Light dishwashing (heavy washing may incur a charge)
Throw away everything in refrigerator
Check for spider webs every turnover

What Can be Added

We will always leave your home in a manner suitable for a 5-star cleanliness review, however to keep our prices fair, we do not automatically include deep clean items on every check out. You may add TASKS like the ones below. A charge may be added depending on the time it takes to complete tasks.
+ Wash linens in property
+ Air vents
+ Wall & baseboard detailing
+ Blinds
+ Clean under heavy furniture
+ High dusting
+ Dust ceiling fans
+ Sweep entryway
+ Water plants
+ Heavy dish washing
+ Organize kitchen cabinets
+ Outdoor patio(s)
+ Amenities basket
+ Grill cleaning
+ Check propane on tank gauge
+ Arranging pots & pans
+ Arranging utensils
+ Refill salt, pepper & olive oil
+ Leave condiments in fridge
+ Check TVs & WiFi
+ Full interior/exterior window clean

Linen Rental

"Purchasing your own linens costs roughly $90 per bed, and needs to be replaced about every 10th turnover due to stains or loss. Linen rental standardizes your cost and eliminates risk."

- No replacement charge for lost, stolen or stained linens

- Hotel quality, 250 thread count, 100% cotton sheets and luxury weight towels

- Avoid extra time charges from washer malfunction and slow dryers

- Allow opportunity for washing items like mattress pads and throw blankets during turnovers

- Lessen maintenance costs on your machines

- Save water and utility costs

king & queen sets $14 EACH

Bath Towel x2
Hand Towel x1
Washcloth x2
Flat Sheet x2
Pillowcase x4

Extra linens

Bath Mat $2.50
Extra Bath Towel $1.25
Extra Hand Towel $1
Extra Washcloth $0.50
Beach Towel $2.50
Triple Sheeting $4
Extra Pillowcase $1.00

Twin sets $12 EACH

Bath Towel x1
Washcloth x1
Flat Sheet x2
Pillowcase x2

Thoughtful Items That Guests Want

Thoughtful amenities are a major consideration when it comes to guest happiness and overall review.
Hotel Bath Pack

Beekman 1802 Shampoo,  Conditioner, Moisturizer and Paya Soap Bar.

Coffee Station Refill

Freshly ground coffee, four types of sweeteners, stir sticks, flavored creamers &  assorted teas.
*Replace grounds with four k-cups for $2 more

Kitchen Trash Bag 4-PACK

A 4-pack of neatly folded and tied kitchen trash bags for your guest.

Dish Washer Detergent Pods

A pack of four, bagged and labeled to be easily identified.

Laundry Detergent Pods

A small pack of four, bagged and labeled to be easily identified.

Kitchen Sponge

A brand new blue kitchen sponge.

Free Basic Amenities

Kitchen Towel & Microfiber Dish Cloth
Dawn Dish Soap
Dial Hand Soap
Ultra Soft Toilet Paper (3 rolls)
Large Paper Towel Roll
Single Liner for Every Trash Can

Items for Sale

Wooden Coffee Organizer $25
Coffee Grounds Sealable Jar $6