Terms of Service

Updated February 8th, 2019

Notice of Termination
There will be a 30-day written notice of termination by and between either party, should the party decide to end the partnership. Happy Host makes a considerable investment in linens and resources for each new customer and plans well in advance for scheduling to manage your turnover. This 30-day timeframe gives both parties the chance to make a smooth transition to a new arrangement before service is stopped completely.

Maximum Length of Linen Use
Some reservations last longer than typical, but it is imperative that we collect and wash linens on a frequent basis. Therefore, any reservation lasting longer than 1 week should have a weekly "Linen Refresh" job scheduled. Call for quote.

Reset Clean
The following is included in our standard reset. Dust or wipe all countertops, tables, side tables, vacuum carpets, mop/wipe floors, clean food or dirt stains off cupboards or walls, clean glass and mirrors, wash and dry kitchen dishes, make beds, arrange/stage furniture, whole bed and bathroom hair free, refill amenities, and much more included in our 50+ point checklist.

Deep Clean
We recommend a deep clean service as the first clean of every new property and every 8-12 weeks as maintenance to your property. You must manually request a deep clean, however a deep clean is required for any guest who has stayed 30 days or longer. Pricing is the standard reset fee plus an additional hourly rate, calculated from time spent past the average allotted time to reset the property. [1.5hr for 1br, 2hr for 2br, 3hr for 3br, 4hr for 4br...]. The following is included in a deep clean: Complete house clean, under/behind all movable furniture, window cleaning, dust blinds, wash baseboards, wash walls, kitchen appliances inside and out, light mold removal, cabinet and drawer cleaning, light fixtures, ceiling fans, picture frames, patio cleanup and more. Just ask if you would like to add something.

72-Hour Scheduling Notice
Our employees are scheduled to come into work three days out. Any less than that they have the option of turning down the hours. Because of this, we ask that all cleanings be scheduled with three days notice as well. We understand that you may get a same-night booking for only one or two nights, and in those cases we will certainly still provide service to your resident. Forgotten bookings or new properties with a last minute scheduling may not always be accommodated based on the staff we have available to us that day.

Holiday Schedule
The Happy Host office will be closed on the holidays listed below. Cleanings will still be performed, but must be scheduled 72 hours in advance. By this time, anyone who is not scheduled to work on these days will be guaranteed the time off.- Independence Day
- Thanksgiving
- Christmas Eve
- Christmas Day
- New Year's Day

Always White Linen Rental Guarantee
Your sheets and towels are provided by a textile company that adheres to hotel industry standards. In the event you or a guest are dissatisfied with the cleanliness of your linens, Happy Host will come exchange said linens the same or next day free of charge and at the availability of scheduled personnel.

Host Promise
As the host, you agree to the following for use of our service. Failing to perform these guidelines could result in a termination of agreement. Host should provide at minimum a 5-hour window in-between check-out and check-in.. Existing reservations may remain at previously allowed window.If taking advantage of our restocking program, Host does not need to provide space for restock supplies. If you would like to stock your own supplies, please provide an in-unit, keyless (combination lock is okay), storage space of sufficient size. Restock locations outside the unit cannot be used.
Host should have a backup means of entrance in case a guest unintentionally locks the key inside the unit (suggestion: replace locking door knobs so only deadbolt can be used or install an electronic keypad lock).Host should add Happy Host as a co-host to their Airbnb account in order to automatically have cleanings booked on calendar. This process requires our manual input so please wait for confirmation that your calendar is complete.

Happy Host Promise
We find it important to set expectations with our clients. As such, we promise the following for use of our service.
We provide all cleaning chemicals and supplies.
Your cleaning will be completed same-day by check in for back to back guests.
Your cleaning will be scheduled same day or next when you do not have back to back guests.
Your beds will be make to crisp hotel standard every time.
We employ a No Hair Left Behind approach to bathrooms and beds.
Our standard cleanings will make your guest feel delighted by the cleanliness of your well-presented home. However, deep cleaning items such as underneath or behind furniture, inside cabinets, and other detailed work may require additionally scheduled hours of service.

Extra Beds
Extra linen sets for pull out couch, air mattress, etc. are available. This includes a full set of sheets and towels. Rentals are charged each cleaning and not based upon whether the set was used/unused.  

Many of our cleanings are finished before the time a washer or dryer has to finish. For this reason we find it necessary for prepared linens to be a part of our business model. This is why Happy Host provides a linen rental service along with its cleanings. If you would like to use your own linens you may find your cleaning exceeds the grace-period of time allowed.

Auto-Scheduling Cleanings (Airbnb ONLY)
Add Happy Host as a co-host to your Airbnb listing using relay@happyhost-sd.com. You can find instructions on adding a co-host here.

Manually Scheduling Cleanings
Used for any platforms other than Airbnb. All non-Airbnb turnovers must be scheduled manually by emailing a request to service@happyhost-sd.com. If you receive standardized emails from your platform, you can set up a rule to forward all confirmations or cancellations to our service address. Happy Host does not take responsibility for missed cleanings if we do not receive an email request or email confirmation from you.

Exclusive Service
At this time Happy Host only provides service to exclusive subscribers while taking part in our linen service. You agree that Happy Host will be the exclusive cleaner and linen provider for the property in consideration. This is to retain control of the linen inventory in your unit.  

After 30 days of inactivity (no cleanings), your subscription will automatically terminate. You must return the sheets within 14 days after termination to avoid a $99 charge per bed, after which you will own the sheets in your unit and you will not need to return them. If you wish to terminate your subscription, schedule your termination date on a cleaning date. We will clean your unit as usual, but we will not replace the sheets at the end of the cleaning. If you do not wish to have Happy Host clean your property, you may deliver the linens to our office location.  

Soiled or Damaged Linens
As part of your included linen rental, we are happy to replace for free any linens damaged as a result of wear and tear, minor spills, and even some mistreated or missing items. Mistreatment of linens can be defined as stains from spills, body fluid or blood, food stains, and rips and tears from neglectful use. Mistreated or missing items you may be invoiced for include duvet covers, pillowcases, and beach towels. This cost can be passed directly to your guest and pulled from their security deposit as Happy Host will provide both pictures of the damage and an invoice stating the cost to you.  

Happy Host can, at your request, restock your property based on selections you make from a list of available restock items. The unit will be restocked to meet the subscription at every reset. If the property has it’s own restock supplies, they must be available from inside the unit. Housekeepers should not be expected to travel to a location anywhere else on or off the property.

A-la-cart Supplies
In the case where your property runs out of a regularly used but necessary item, Happy Host can provide an emergency supply of the items with a $10 service fee. The item will be billed and added to the day’s receipt. This service is subject to availability of on-hand personnel.

Cancellation Fees
There are no cancelation fees.

Wait Fee
There are no wait fees. If waiting for a guest causes your caretaker to exceed the grace period of time allowed, you may be charged for the time overage

After-Hours Rate
If you request to schedule service to begin after 5pm, the after-hours rate applies. This rate is twice the original fee for service. This applies only to the cleaning, and not to any linens or amenities included in your subscription.

Extra Cleaning Time
At the beginning of your account, your property will be assigned an average number of hours to complete. If because of excessive mess, your cleaning takes significantly longer to clean, then we may document the reason and assign an additional charge for time above your unit’s average.

Dish Washing
Happy Host asks that you politely ask your guests to wash dishes before they check out.

Damage Reports
If a cleaner notices obvious damage, disrepair, stains, a maintenance issue, etc. at the property while cleaning, the cleaner will take a picture and attach it to the invoice with a description of the damage. This is a complimentary courtesy we perform for the client. Since we do not own the property and do not always know the state of all your belongings, there is no guarantee of the immediacy of the reported item. If the cleaner does not notice the damage, disrepair, stain, maintenance issue, etc., Happy Host is not responsible as this would fall under the responsibilities of a management company.  

Limitation of Liability
Happy Host makes every effort to clean and stage your property to the standard you set as the property manager. The Happy Host cleaning service does not replace the duties of a property manager. In order to ensure the best guest experience, the property manager agrees to inspect the property before each guest. If the cleaning or linen service is found to be insufficient by you or your guest, you must notify us within 24 hours after check-in. We will send someone to correct the mistake, or if that is not possible, you may be entitled to a refund. The amount of the refund is limited to the total amount invoiced for cleaning services during the job in question. If you must refund your guest or experience a loss in revenue for any reason, Happy Host is not liable to reimburse these costs. Damages to your personal property are covered under our insurance carrier and can be claimed for reimbursement.

*Note: If you would like to know more about our Inspection Service, please inquire with your Happy Host representative.

5-Star Guarantee
In the case of a less than 5-star review, Happy Host will determine amount to refund up to a maximum of the total cost of the cleaning service. This refund may be partial for the area at issue. For example, if the complaint was for cleaning, just the cleaning portion may be considered for refund. If the sheets were not up to standard, just the linen portion may be considered for refund.

Window Cleaning
During a deep clean, the interior side of windows will be wiped down as far as arms reach and accessible exterior sides on the first floor as far as arms reach. Glass doors will be spot checked during each reset clean.

A Trip to the Store
Happy Host is delighted to purchase small household items and appliances that your property might require. 48 hours must be allowed for the request to be processed. We will deliver the item(s) at the next scheduled cleaning after the 48 hour processing time. The service fee is $40 plus actual expense of the item. A picture of receipt will be attached to an invoice.

Outdoor Plants and Flowers
Happy Host can water plants while cleaning a property. The frequency will be for every cleaning.

Curbside Garbage
Happy Host can handle trash with our trash-to-curb service.

Hot Tub/Pool
Happy Host cannot be responsible for the maintenance or security of hot tubs, pools, ponds or the like. Unfortunately we are not covered by our insurance for these activities and it can be dangerous to the safety of our cleaners.

Rugs and Carpet
Happy Host is not responsible for the upkeep of rugs or carpets beyond vacuuming and spot stain removal during regular our reset. Professional carpet cleaning can be requested.